Transforming Business Processes in the Insurance Sector

To thrive in one of the most competitive marketplaces, insurers must be exceptionally efficient, deliver an enhanced customer experience and comply with complex regulations.

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We work with some of the most widely-recognized insurance companies in the country to transform paper-intensive tasks into operationally efficient workflows. Over the past 40+ years, we've deepened our expertise in the insurance sector, and the majority of our insurance clients have been with TrustFlow Digital Solutions for decades. 

A client's EVP of Operations and Customer Experience indicated:

Your solution has elevated the company’s service offerings and offered significant boost to the effectiveness of our outbound communications. Overall, we’ve saved time and money in reduced customer inquiries and improved customer satisfaction.

Why leading insurance companies choose TrustFlow Digital Solutions


claims processing capacity


reduction in claims cycle time


savings in operational efficiency

6 months

return on investment (average)

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Our integrated capabilities in the insurance sector

Digitize manual tasks and back-office functions to resolve claims faster and deliver a better customer experience. We harness the latest technology and decades of experience to digitize millions of documents annually for key, long-term insurance clients.

Using our digital mailroom technology and EDMonline™, our cloud-based document management and workflow solution, we transform paper documents, faxes, emails, web forms, social media and more into organized, secure and easily retrievable digital data. Our compliance policies and document management technology systems have been designed and validated to exceed stringent industry regulations.

EDMonline™ enables clients to quickly and efficiently receive, digitize, index and route inbound mail and correspondence such as invoices, applications, claims and deposits. This secure, accessible and easy-to-use platform enables staff to search for, request, retrieve and view the data they need when they need it. Digitized data is captured and seamlessly posted directly into EDMonline™ or into the client's existing system for an efficient, accurate and completely integrated workflow.

The benefits of our solutions for the insurance industry include:

Our solutions help transform your business

From claims management and case and file management, to renewals and ongoing customer communications - our range of digital solutions can help transform your business processes and streamline operations. Learn more about each of our solutions.

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