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We work in partnership with you to digitally transform your middle office. Whether you need to digitize paper records or are exploring ways to transform your customer journeys, TrustFlow Digital Solutions has the expertise to help you.

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We work with operational, technology and risk management leaders of organizations in highly regulated sectors such as insurance, finance and healthcare to improve customer experiences, reduce cost and protect against risk.

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1.4 billion
Over 1.4 billion documents hosted


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Digitize important business documents, streamline processes and mitigate risk with our full suite of digital transformation solutions

United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery and processing delays, rising postage costs and operational challenges in the print and mail industry are constantly evaluated by business leaders and decision makers. Our digital customer communications solution was designed to mitigate the uncertainty of continued and ongoing USPS disruption and ensure timely delivery of important documents to the correct recipient.

This solution also allows you to request actions — such as digital document signing with trackable technology — in tandem with your printed customer communications initiatives.

Additionally, TrustFlow Digital Solutions' digital mailroom, hosted document management solution and decision automation tools are key components of a successful digital transformation strategy, providing opportunities to automate workflows, streamline manual processes and positively impact your bottom line.

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Our approach to digital transformation

Data is the fuel of today’s digital economy. Customer behavior is dictating the way they want to be communicated with and increasingly it is digital first. The majority of businesses are undergoing digital transformation that enables real opportunities to bring businesses closer to their customers. More meaningful and frequent customer interaction is also generating more and more data. Real time capture, accuracy and speed of access to data is critical to maximizing the value of every customer relationship.

What digital transformation
means for your business

We can assess your needs and goals and help you achieve them in the most efficient and cost effective way. Whether you need to transform your inbound mail process, improve workflows or automate decisions, explore our suite of capabilities to find what best meets your needs.

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Insurance Healthcare Financial

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive business environments. To survive in such a quickly evolving market, insurers must be exceptionally efficient, deliver an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations. We have deep industry knowledge in the insurance sector and have handled document storage, digital mailrooms, claims processing, outbound communications (print and mail) and more for nearly four decades. 


Reduction in claims cycle

We adhere to the strictest compliance and secure data handling standards to serve payors and providers. Digital mailrooms and intelligent data extraction in the healthcare sector can unlock powerful patient care and financial insights. 

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

We have helped some of the most prominent companies in the financial sector reduce their paper handling costs, meet regulatory compliance requirements, mitigate expensive real estate costs and provide high-quality customer service. We streamline Accounts Payable (AP) processing, outbound print and mail communications, and digital transformation initiatives in this highly-regulate sector. Ask us about our Designated Third Party (D3P) IT compliance solutions to adhere to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4(f)(3)(vii) requirement.


Reduction in customers operational costs

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