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An outsourced digital mailroom is an innovative, cost-effective way to handle incoming paper and electronic messages, attachments, critical documents, checks and files.

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✔  Welcome to the benefits of a digital mailroom.
Outsourced digital mailrooms are ideal for highly-regulated sectors like insurance, financial services and healthcare. With state-of-the-art precision, inbound mail is opened fast and the contents are immediately captured digitally. Digital mailrooms ingest and process paper, faxes, emails, attachments, USBs, SFTP transfers and more. Original documents are handled with care and checks can be recorded and even deposited right into your business' account. 
Digitized files are sent directly to your business system or ERP through seamless API integration. Or, your digitized documents can be uploaded into our cloud-based hosted document and workflow solution to keep your data organized, accessible and secure.
If you want to glean even more benefits of a digital mailroom, tap into our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology. We extract useful data from your digitized documents, then classify and route based on defined business rules. Detailed quality control checks and piece-by-piece tracking mitigate human error and risk. A full audit trail is created to track what was received and processed each day.
Our fully scalable digital mailroom solutions grow with your business. Do you want to get closer to your data and customers? Are compliance and security high priorities for you? Connecting with a TrustFlow Digital Solutions expert to understand how an outsourced digital mailroom can improve your business is a solid next step.

On average, a digital mailroom solutions delivers:

reduction in operating costs

increase in productivity and efficiency

24-48 hour
processing time (SLAs)

Download our infographic:
The Digital Mailroom process explained | the journey of a mail item

The digital mailroom process is surprisingly simple, yet delivers impactful, quantifiable business benefits. This useful, easy-to-digest infographic explains how a mail item transforms from paper contained within an envelope into digitized, useful business information.


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Infographic - The digital mailroom process explained - TrustFlow Digital Solutions

Why choose TrustFlow Digital Solutions as your digital mailroom supplier?


We are data capture specialists

Our team has more than four decades of experience, so we’ll interpret your mailroom needs quickly and identify the most cost-effective options for your business.


Reduced risk of disruption

Your documents and communications will be available to you through our cloud-based hosted document management system or imported directly into your preferred system. 


Intelligent processes

Workflows and processes learn your document types over time. Information is classified, data is extracted and documents are routed using intelligent capture technology and intuitive workflows. 


Nationwide coverage

We bridge any geographic differences with technology and consistent communication. Our digital mailroom and cloud-based hosted document management solutions are easily, yet securely, accessible wherever you are.


Secure and compliant

The TrustFlow Digital Solutions team brings a deep understanding of highly regulated industries. We adhere to stringent compliance and process requirements, including ISO 9001, SOC 2 Report (SSAE 16) and HIPAA.


Integrated services and expert guidance

Many of our clients experience similar pain points, so we'll be able to put our expertise to work and identify solutions that align with your systems, budget, timeline and longer-term goals.

Digital Download:
10 Questions to Include in a Digital Mailroom Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

After you understand the benefits and cost savings generated by an outsourced digital mailroom, you might be ready to start researching digital mailroom suppliers. Choosing a BPO partner is a consultative, collaborative process. Asking the right questions from the start will help you identify the most qualified supplier to provide a digital mailroom solution. 

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Digitize important business documents, streamline and automate processes and mitigate risk with our full suite of outbound communications, inbound mail processing, and digitization solutions.

Many of our clients face similar pain points and have done a good amount of independent research on digital initiatives before reaching out to us.

Because our services encompass the entire lifecycle of communications — from composition, printing and mailing to inbound digital mailrooms, digitization, data extraction, automated workflows and secure document hosting and destruction — we're always available for a consultation call to help you determine the best match for your existing systems, budget, timeline and longer-term goals.

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add value within your organization.

Insurance Healthcare Financial

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive business environments. To survive in such a quickly evolving market, insurers must be exceptionally efficient, deliver an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations. We have deep industry knowledge in the insurance sector and have handled document storage, digital mailrooms, claims processing, outbound communications (print and mail) and more for nearly four decades. 


reduction in claims cycle

We adhere to the strictest of compliance and secure data handling standards to serve payor and providers. Digital mailrooms and intelligent data extraction in the healthcare sector can unlock powerful patient care and financial insights. 

Over 1 billion

medical record images scanned

We have helped some of the most prominent companies in the financial sector reduce their paper handling costs, meet regulatory compliance requirements, mitigate expensive real estate costs and provide high-quality customer service. We streamline Accounts Payable (AP) processing, outbound print and mail communications, and digital transformation initiatives in this highly-regulate sector. Ask us about our Designated Third Party (D3P) IT compliance solutions to adhere to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4(f)(3)(vii) requirement.

More than 2.4 million>/font>

invoices processed per year

Our compliance policies and document management technology systems have been designed and validated to support the complexities of the highly-regulated industries. We can help you transform manual inbound mail and document handling tasks into streamlined, automated and efficient workflows. Some of the most respected insurance, financial and healthcare organizations in the country have trusted our team to manage their digital mailrooms for decades. 

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Case Study

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