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Digital Transformation Solutions in the Healthcare Sector

We have securely digitized more than 1 billion patient records over the past 40 years, and our integrated digital transformation solutions continue to expand to support the ever-evolving healthcare sector.

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Our solutions are suited for robust health systems, research facilities and regional community health centers. Just like a health system, our team adheres to strict compliance and secure data handling standards to protect patient health information and provide usable insights to payors and providers.

Along with handling large-scale bulk document scanning projects and operating digital mailrooms for healthcare systems with intelligent data extraction processes, TrustFlow Digital Solutions can seamlessly deliver on complex and comprehensive outbound print and mail projects

Whether you need to unlock powerful patient care insights and bridge the gaps between providers, healthcare operations and finance teams, and insurance companies — or reach your patients directly through paper mail or secure online messaging — the TrustFlow Digital Solutions experts are here for you.

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We specialize in secure document digitization solutions and reliable digital mailrooms

While most healthcare systems use EMRs to handle medical information, manual processes and paper-heavy tasks still exist within even the most sophisticated healthcare organizations and private practices.

Consider the paper mail coming into a healthcare organization each day. Sensitive patient information might be routed throughout an office building or a medical clinic without any tracking mechanism to ensure the information made it to the person it was intended for. 

Healthcare systems invest so much into compliance, security and process improvement. Blending available technology with experienced business process outsourcing suppliers — like TrustFlow Digital Solutions — to alleviate manual-based processes just makes sense.

Comprehensive Solutions for Outbound Communications, Inbound Mail Processing and Digital Transformation Initiatives

TrustFlow Digital Solutions' commitment to digital transformation means our services aren’t limited to just medical record scanning and digitization. We are able to provide comprehensive and integrated service through our additional capabilities.

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The Digital Mailroom process explained | the journey of a mail item

The digital mailroom process is surprisingly simple, yet delivers impactful, quantifiable business benefits. This useful, easy-to-digest infographic explains how a mail item transforms from paper contained within an envelope into digitized, useful business information.


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Infographic - The digital mailroom process explained - TrustFlow Digital Solutions