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We have over 40 years of experience working with healthcare organizations, delivering secure digitization and integrated information management solutions.

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At TrustFlow Digital Solutions, we have significant experience with complex healthcare digitization projects for a number of healthcare systems and healthcare providers. Our solutions enable our clients to go paperless and access and share medical records compliantly and effectively.

Our dedicated experts help healthcare organizations complete their medical record scanning projects and meet their digitization goals using our cost-effective and comprehensive solutions. Digitization initiatives in the healthcare sector improve operational efficiency and enable comprehensive, coordinated patient care.

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Specialists in bulk medical record scanning

Manual processes and paper medical records and charts are causing considerable challenges for healthcare organizations and private practices. Compliance and security concerns often prompt organizations to embark on scanning patient records or medical charts.

We specialize in bulk document scanning, a service widely used to digitize patient medical records. Our medical records scanning solution encompasses the latest document digitization technology and decades of experience to help healthcare organizations through their digital transformation journey.

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Why health systems and healthcare providers invest in our digitization services

1 billion+

medical record images scanned


average reduction in paper handling costs

Medical record scanning is part of our comprehensive digitization service

TrustFlow Digital Solutions' commitment to digital transformation means our services aren’t limited to just medical record scanning and digitization. We are able to provide comprehensive and integrated service through our additional capabilities.

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