Outbound Communications:
Print and Mail, Digital Delivery and Fulfillment

Insurance companies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations rely on TrustFlow Digital Solutions to handle their outbound communications with timely, cost-effective print, mail and e-delivery solutions.

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Effective outbound communications are vital to the customer experience, but compliance, delivery tracking and rising postage costs can easily become pain points.
We work with clients in highly-regulated industries to create compliant outbound communications—including letters, statements, invoices, checks, explanation of benefits, welcome kits, enrollment packets, marketing communications and more—utilizing best-in-class data aggregation, manipulation and composition services.

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Utilizing TrustFlow Digital Solutions as your preferred vendor partner can open the doors to greater process efficiencies, postage discounts, real-time tracking dashboards and customizable, eye-catching calls to action. Explore our capabilities.

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Combining decades of experience in the outbound communications space, state-of-the-art equipment and continued investment in technology, we create, produce and mail essential, professional documents designed for a better end-user experience.

Our team works closely with the United States Postal Service (USPS) by focusing on compliance, maximization of postage discounts (using presorting at a 5-digit rate) and collaboratively responding to industry challenges. 

We offer address cleansing services to remove duplicate and undeliverable addresses as well as handle National Change of Address (NCOA) updates. Clients find additional value in our Intelligent Mail Barcoding (IMB) services used to track the timing and delivery of mail pieces after leaving our facility. 

Secure, trackable digital message delivery

Our experts can also help you deliver and track important customer messages digitally — in tandem with your printed outbound communications — as well as request actions such as digital document signing.

TrustFlow Digital Solutions' digital customer communications solution, MailHub, ensures your messages and documents are delivered to the correct recipient in a timely manner. This streamlined digital solution also mitigates the uncertainty of USPS disruption, while still allowing for required or desired print and mail communication components. 

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Why clients choose TrustFlow Digital Solutions to handle their outbound communications

30 years

experience and deep institutional knowledge


average cost savings


data-to-mail piece integrity


impressions monthly

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We build relationships by understanding our clients’ existing workflows and processes, resolving their challenges and pain points, and helping them achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Along with responsive print and mail solutions, we provide additional, comprehensive digitization offerings.

We drive value through:

Deep postage savings and discounts:
Householding, presorting and address cleansing improves deliverability, reduces USPS postage expenditures and mitigates returned mail volume.

Parallel electronic delivery and tracking capabilities:
Send outbound messages through both print/mail and electronic means through our digital presentment solution, MailHub. With access to real-time data, you can track the status of individual outbound communications, and adjust your approach as needed. Utilizing MailHub can significantly lower USPS postage costs and expedite the delivery of important customer messages.

Enhanced customer experience and response:
Integrating promotional and educational content with recurring touchpoints like statements can greatly motivate desired behavior and deepen customer loyalty. Ask our experts to assist in composing your transpromotional messaging. 

Compliance, security and risk mitigation:
Safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. Our Automated Document Factory (ADF) provides multi-layered quality control to monitor the print production process and ensure data to mail piece integrity. Intelligent inserting of collateral such as bank statements, enrollment packages, checks, marketing materials and other communications is supported by 2D barcode technology to confirm the right information is received by the right recipient. Our facilities and operations have been validated by state and federal agencies. We are SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 9001 compliant.

Improved readability and clear calls to action:
Incorporating full-color technology supports an expansive menu of design and messaging options. Plus, our document composition experts can recommend adjustments to the structure of your outbound messages, correlating to quicker receipt and processing when inbound items are received and processed back into your organization through a digital mailroom

Business continuity and disaster preparedness:
The ability to transition operations from one location to another and complete client deliverables in an emergency is a crucial consideration.

Effective personnel and resource allocation:
Outsourcing outbound communications allows firms that currently handle this function in-house to reduce headcount or reassign existing personnel to more valuable business functions.

Freedom from variable, overhead expenses:
Outsourcing eliminates equipment leases/maintenance, temporary employees, software upgrades and related capital investments.

Real-time tracking and reporting:
Our web-based, secure print portal allows clients to view production metrics such as volumes, costs and forecasting details. 

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