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As businesses move towards digitization, being able to store, manage, access and share documents in an organized, efficient and compliant way is increasingly challenging. Our hosted document management system is a cloud-based, online repository for secure document storage.

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For over 20 years, our hosted document management solution—EDMonline™—has been securely hosting and providing document access to over 200 businesses from a variety of sectors: insurance, financial, government and healthcare.

Hosted document management can either be a stand-alone solution or an integral part of your organizational digitization strategy. EDMonline™ is a highly secure platform for storing, accessing and sharing vital information with complete ease and convenience.

Reducing administrative time and improving productivity

The main benefit of EDMonline™ is that we can see live and archived files for multiple clients online from a single front-end. Our staff can validate and upload new records quickly and email documents safely and securely, reducing administrative time and improving productivity across the whole team. Importantly, we now are able to consolidate our supply chain leading to future efficiencies.

Why choose EDMonline™?


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Why choose EDMonline™?

Hundreds of businesses in highly regulated sectors choose TrustFlow Digital Solutions to handle, process and store their mission-critical documents in a structured, compliant and secure way. A cost-effective alternative to other systems, EDMonline™ is user-friendly, easy to implement and adheres to regulations across a number of industries.

Benefits of our hosted document management solution

Part of a comprehensive digitization solution

While we can offer EDMonline™ as a standalone hosted document management solution, it is also the unifying platform for all of our digital transformation solutions.

Benefits of EDMonline™


Simple search and retrieval

‘Anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ access mean the system can be used by any employee, no matter their physical location. EDMonline™ also offers easy integration with other systems, reducing friction and guaranteeing your employees are capable of using the system without difficulty.


Out-of-the-box integration

Each instance of EDMonline™ is configured to the specific customer requirements, allowing users to securely access the documents they have the relevant permissions for. Functionality is out-of-the-box to ensure the product is reliable, robust and fully supportable. EDMonline™ is configurable to third party systems, allowing seamless software and process integration.


Regulatory compliance

With EDMonline™, businesses have a secure hosted online repository for all documents containing sensitive data and restricted access is granted as needed. The levels of security, reporting and tracking ensure regulatory compliance, no matter what business sector you’re in.



EDMonline™ is a robust and secure hosted document management platform that complies with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. Rest assured that storage of your business-critical data is compliant and secure from cyber-threats and access by non-authorized personnel.


Structured filing

EDMonline™ is fully configurable to your requirements. Existing filing structures can be replicated online and importantly, linked to associated EDM services such as bulk document scanning or digital mailroom to ensure your paperless business runs in a compliant, efficient and reliable manner.


Automatic routing

Workflows can be set up within EDMonline™ to enhance the productivity of your teams, giving you control and visibility of the step-by-step journey a document travels within your organization. Authorization and payment of invoices or handling a customer complaint and correspondence are good examples of workflows and processes routed through a hosted document management system.

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Insurance Healthcare Financial

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive business environments. To survive in such a quickly evolving market, insurers must be exceptionally efficient, deliver an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations. We have deep industry knowledge in the insurance sector and have handled document storage, digital mailrooms, claims processing, outbound communications (print and mail) and more for nearly four decades. 


Reduction in claims cycle process

We adhere to the strictest compliance and secure data handling standards to serve payors and providers. Digital mailrooms and intelligent data extraction in the healthcare sector can unlock powerful patient care and financial insights. 

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

We have helped some of the most prominent companies in the financial sector reduce their paper handling costs, meet regulatory compliance requirements, mitigate expensive real estate costs and provide high-quality customer service. We streamline Accounts Payable (AP) processing, outbound print and mail communications, and digital transformation initiatives in this highly-regulate sector. Ask us about our Designated Third Party (D3P) IT compliance solutions to adhere to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4(f)(3)(vii) requirement.


Reduction in customers operational costs

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Case Study

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