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United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery and processing delays, rising postage costs and operational challenges are triggering short- and long-term challenges for businesses across the country.

MailHub allows businesses to mitigate the uncertainty of continued and ongoing USPS disruption and control the accurate, timely delivery of messages to customers.

Let's explore how much you can save on postage and mailing costs by implementing MailHub.

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MailHub is a secure, compliant and trackable digital solution designed for accurate, timely delivery of customer documents and outbound communications. This solution allows your customers to securely view their mail from their tablet, smartphone or desktop computer — anywhere, anytime.

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Important documents and be securely and compliantly delivered, and actions — such as digital document signing with trackable technology — can be requested. MailHub is complementary to your existing printed outbound communications initiatives or can be used as a stand-alone technology solution.

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